We become more and more aware, we try to live in harmony with nature, with respect for the environment. Celebrities and influencers promote the idea of ​​zero waste and a plant-based diet, but still willingly show new leather high heels or ballerinas. You avoid eating animal products because you love all creatures, so you don't want to hurt them. Let's not forget that some clothes and leather shoes are also made of animal products. We encourage you to be an informed consumer for whom labels from designers are not the only thing that matters. Wouldn't it be a dream come true to materialize your values ​​and proudly wear footwear that is - not only beautiful - made 100% without animal additives? We are in favour!

Swanky women's shoes made without the use of animal products

Thinking about vegans and the values ​​they profess, we offer a collection of vegan shoes from the designer and constructor Eliza Flis. You avoid animal products in your daily diet, which you also encourage your relatives to do, but would you like to do something more? You probably think that nice ballerinas or durable lace-up loafers must be made of leather, which goes against your rules. We will surprise you because we have prepared chic custom-made shoes especially for our clients, which are made entirely of vegan materials. The bottom line is, don’t let animal products stand in the way of owning a beautiful, comfortable, long-lasting pair of shoes. Now you don't have to compromise - choose A Little Glamour and live according to your beliefs.

Vegan designer shoes - a selection of colours and patterns

Do you like to stand out and express yourself through the original style? Luckily you came to us as we have something in common! Our collections of women's shoes are more than just footwear. At A Little Glamour, we create exclusive designs, colours and styles, combining the classics with the latest trends. Is it possible to create a product that will be pretty, modern and bring good at the same time? Yes, because that's what our new collection of vegan shoes is like. You will find a variety of patterns in it like luxurious sequins or fashionable leopard print. The choice is yours! Be glamorous in harmony with yourself.

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