As a designer and constructor of bespoke A Little Glamour shoes, I had the opportunity to observe the changes taking place on the footwear market and learn to respect the craft from an early age. The time has come to share the acquired knowledge and experience with others - and this is how the idea arose to organize training for people who want to get to know my world, discover the secrets of sewing shoes and learn step by step how to model women's and children's shoes.

The process of making leather shoes

Sewing shoes is not an easy art. The whole process, unlike ordinary footwear mass-produced in factories, requires a lot of knowledge in the field of geometry, anatomy, and design - usually, the formula for their creation is passed down from generation to generation. Before each pair of shoes goes to a new owner, it goes through many stages of production. In addition to, of course, the right measurements and the design of the dream shoes, the key element that has a significant impact on the final result is the upper - the part covering the front, back, and side of the foot. It is also important to combine the entire structure - studs, precise sewing of belts, or assembling heels. Finally, the shoes are finished - smoothing flat surfaces, dyeing to the desired color, impregnation, and polishing.


A Little Glamour shoes – you will not mistake them with any other

Designer shoes, which go to customers of the A Little Glamour online store, are prepared by experienced craftsmen who know very well what steps should be taken so that the shoes not only stand out with their unique design and extraordinary comfort of use but also serve for many years. The shoes are made of the best quality natural leather from Polish and Italian tanneries - they have a properly developed shoe last with a soft lining, a solid upper, they breathe, are durable and please an eye with a distinguished appearance.


From a design to a ready pair of chic shoes

All people who would like to see the behind the scene process of sewing our Glamour shoes, I warmly invite you to take part in the course in Częstochowa city center. During the meetings (lasting 45 hours in total), participants will not only be able to familiarize themselves with the daily work of shoemakers but also to design and prepare footwear that is perfect in every way! We will visit production plants cooperating with A Little Glamour and places where leather is sold, from which our bespoke shoes are made. Would you like a large dose of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of manual footwear sewing? Want to make your first own shoes and take them home with you? Feel free to email me at or call me at 509 578 397!

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