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Several factors contribute to keeping leather shoes clean. The first stage of their care consists in waterproofing them before the first use, while the second - in systematic cleaning and the use of appropriate shoe care products.

After that all you have to do is to enjoy the use of always ‘new’ shoes.

Basic information

Tarrago creams perfectly nourish the leather and make it shiny and soft.

They are waterproof, smooth, and also prevent drying out and the formation of cracks in the material.

They are especially suitable for the care of grain leather, vegetable tanned, and thin leather shoes - such as A little Glamour shoes.

The impregnation is to protect the leather against moisture, dirt, stains, and salt.

The product is based on wax, which nourishes, preserves, shines, and enhances the colour. Should be selected in a colour that is as close as possible to the hue of the shoe that will be preserved with. It covers minor scratches, discoloration, and leather imperfections. The composition, apart from mineral waxes, includes carnauba wax.

It is suitable for smooth leather and should not be used for suede and nubuck.

For grain leather and nubuck, we also recommend Tarrago Nano Protector, which is available in 100ml and 400ml containers.

Tarrago Nano Protector is characterized by an innovative formula created for the optimal protection of almost all types of leather (suede, nubuck, grain leather, smooth, oiled, greased) and all types of textiles, even the most technologically advanced. The product uses revolutionary nanotechnology - during its use, individual fibers are covered with invisible, microscopic nanoparticles. This coating protects against all kinds of dirt and moisture. As a result, dry dirt does not stick to the surface and wet dirt is not absorbed by the fibers. Instead of stains, there are drops that do not soak into the material - this is the so-called lotus effect. Due to the fact that the dirt does not get inside, but remains on the surface of the footwear, it can be easily removed by pouring water on the surface. Tarrago Nano Protector does not restrict air circulation and does not affect the breathability of the surfaces covered with it. In addition, it does not change the colour of the impregnated leathers and materials or their properties (elasticity, softness and breathability). An additional advantage is the resistance of the preparation to UV radiation.

Directions for use:

Spray the footwear from a distance of approx. 20cm and then let it dry. The preparation does not block the breathability of the leather.

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