Every mom loves to buy shoes. Ideally, they should be both fashionable and comfortable. Meanwhile, children should also wear carefully selected footwear, not only the former. Therefore, it is worth reading our tips before buying.

The most important thing is to choose the right shoe size - the comfort of use must go hand in hand with the proper development of the child's foot. Remember that you cannot buy shoes in advance, because too large ones can deform the child's feet.

Each child's foot has its own unique three-dimensional form. Therefore, shoes should be properly adjusted not only in terms of length but also width, the height of the instep, and the shape of the upper.

To correctly measure the length of the feet, outline them on a piece of paper. The child should stand slightly astride, evenly putting stress on both feet. After drawing the contours of the feet, use a ruler to measure the distance from the end of the heel to the end of the farthest toe of the foot - in both sketches. Select the shoe size in relation to the longer foot.

Remember that the measurement is correct only when the foot is grounded, i.e. when the child is standing, because then it automatically becomes a few millimeters longer. Measurements must not be taken by placing footwear against the foot, as children naturally have a tendency to curl their toes when pressing on the upper. This method is not reliable.

Children's feet grow very quickly, sometimes even by 1cm a month - and of course, this is an individual matter, because every person is different and unique. Therefore, after the purchase, you should regularly check whether your child has grown out of the shoes. Remember that a small child does not have bones yet, but has soft, easily formed cartilage and that the nervous system in the feet is not fully developed yet, so it may not feel that the foot is constricted. This is very important because only well-fitted shoes can support the proper development of the foot. For this purpose, the footwear in our store also has width markings (small, medium, large).

On our website, we provide you with special tables that allow you to read the shoe size, knowing the length of the foot. In general, at the time of purchase, the kids' shoe should be longer than the foot by a maximum of 0.5cm - 0.7cm.

All our shoes are made of delicate, vegetable-tanned leather. As it is a natural material, a slight inconsistency in color or saturation is normal. In addition, its structure may also not be uniform - this is a typical characteristic of natural material. It is worth knowing that the colour of dyed leather may change when it comes into contact with water. Despite the use of more and more modern production methods, this is still an effect that cannot be eliminated.

The footwear offered in our store is made of carefully finished leather that meets the highest quality standards. Moreover, they are routinely checked for the presence of harmful substances.

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