Eliza Flis - designer and shoe constructor

My story is... good shoes!

When learning about Eliza's story, you just have to say it - all her steps, from the earliest childhood, were related to footwear. At preschool age, she created her first designs - dolls in baroque dresses and shoes with pom poms were painted wherever possible. Loose pages, notebooks - even the walls were not sacred! To say the least her mum was not too pleased ;) Then there was "only" the School of Artistic Design in Krakow, where the thesis took several fashion shows, then a model making course under the supervision of well-known in the industry Tadeusz Ziajka, then six years in the first company (women's shoes design) and another six years with the industry leader Emel. Yes - Eliza has come a long way to become a designer and create something of her own. This is how "A little Glamour" was born. A brand run with passion, built together with her beloved mother and sister.

This is how A little Glamour was created in 2015

A new dimension of comfort

Did you know that not only your skin can be sensitive? How about exquisite ballet pumps designed for comfort? It is time for a revolution! Check out the glamourous version of comfort.

Shoes for women and kids of the A little Glamour brand are a combination of knowledge and passion of Eliza Flis with the best materials and experience in creating shoes in which we simply like to walk. The shoes are made of the best Italian leather and Polish tanneries, with a developed shoe last, soft lining and everything that can give your feet the comfort you want. Over the years, Eliza has been designing footwear for toddlers - her experience in caring for the smallest feet has resulted in a new product for their mothers - with an innovative construction of the shoe last that does not chafe or constrict the feet!

However, comfort is not everything - elegance is what counts! Would you like to be a little bit glamorous? 

Why is it worth it?

Choose a product with 'Made in Poland' label

A little Glamour shoes are a product made by a Polish designer, in a studio located in our country, in cooperation with local and Italian specialists. Choose a Polish brand!

Quality obsession

Speaking of quality, we do not compromise - all women's shoes in A little Glamour are made of the finest natural leather.

For women who want to celebrate moments

We create our shoes for women who do not compromise between a sense of elegance and comfort - both for down-to-earth romantics, busy students, as well as mothers and businesswomen.

Business with principles

We make sure that our brand focuses primarily on fairness - we are a family business, and we treat our employees as well as our customers, ensuring equal employment conditions.

For mothers and daughters

A little Glamour is created by a mother and two daughters - we use the experience gained on small and delicate baby feet directly to their mothers.

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