Imagine your dream shoes, how would they look? What texture would they have? What colour should they be in for you to feel best? What size and cut would make your shoes comfortable, elegant, durable… simply: perfect?

A little Glamour knows the answer. The combination of your expectations and our skills, experience and craftsmanship guarantees the creation of unique custom-made footwear tailored to your individual preferences.

What is shoe customization?

The custom-made shoes are based on the design and creation tailored to a specific user. It is creating something personal, bespoke and unique. Something that no one has seen before and which is not widely available in chain stores. Something handmade with passion and heart. Especially for you.

Classic jazz shoes, original slippers, comfortable sandals, high boots or elegant loafers? Your personalized shoes can be open, closed, slip-on, lace-up and even zipped. They can combine classic with modernity, minimalism with elegance, gentleness with feistiness. No holds barred.

You have a choice.

Design your own shoes

If you want to design your own footwear, you don't have to be a designer, shoemaker or seamstress, you don't even need to be able to draw or sketch - just have an idea. Tell us about shoes you would like to create. Project it in your head. Remember that your imagination has no limits.

Tell us about the size, shape, texture, colour, function of the shoes and your ideas about the perfect personalized footwear. Your individual preferences, personality and passions are also important. You open up to us, and we provide you with help, advice, foundation, tools and skills.

Thanks to this, we create shoes that reflect who you are, what you expect from life and how you want to feel every day.

Bespoke and handmade shoes

Our offer is addressed to conscious consumers who care about personalizing footwear, supporting ecology and respecting handcraft. Regardless of whether you already have an idea for custom-made footwear or are just looking for your own style - we are here for you.

As a result, we offer bespoke footwear that we design and manufacture in accordance with your vision. The secret is an individual approach, creativity, sustainable production and the use of quality materials that affect the comfort of use and durability of the footwear.

Express your style - A Little Glamour

Stand out from the crowd
Feel good with yourself
Show your personality and style

Take a step towards self-confidence with our bespoke shoes. Get inspired, experiment, experience and enjoy customised footwear that will define and highlight your style. Get out of the box and do something for yourself.

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