Consumerism, textile waste, greenhouse gas emission, environmental pollution, inhumane working conditions - for years the fashion industry has gone out of control. The opposition to fast fashion is sustainable fashion - conscious production of clothes that do not harm other people, animals and the planet. What is sustainable fashion and why is it worth supporting?

Shared responsibility for sustainable development in fashion

  • Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest segment that destroys the natural environment - right after the fuel industry?
  • Did you know that 1,127 people died and 2,500 were injured in Bangladesh in 2013 as a result of the collapse of an eight-story building that housed a garment factory? Most of the victims were women - working as seamstresses at the time.
  • Did you know that one of the popular clothing chains burns unsold and unused clothes, emitting harmful chemicals that damage the environment?

Don't you want to put up with it too?

Maybe you think your choice is unimportant compared to 7.5 billion people in the world. And you know what? Probably everyone thinks so. But it is a shared responsibility. Sustainable fashion starts with you, me, all of us.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is an idea that combines environmental protection, social responsibility and sustainable development in the fashion industry. This is due to the enormous pollution of the environment and the dire conditions in which people work in the largest garment factories and the desire to rectify the situation around the world. Moving in the right direction is constantly growing, all thanks to the growing awareness of consumers, living in harmony with nature, according to the zero waste and slow life philosophy.

The idea of ​​sustainable fashion is influenced not only by the method of obtaining and processing materials and textiles, but also by the working conditions of people in the production of clothing. It is essential to use natural resources wisely, provide employees with safe working conditions and educate consumers about informed and responsible choices.

Sustainability in the fashion world
In 2010, Livia Firth and Lucy Siegle began their mission to make the red carpet a little… green. The aim of the Green Carpet Challenge initiative was, among others, to perform at world galas and festivals in environmentally friendly clothes. Wearing vintage garments, reusing known outfits or recycling materials are just some of the foundations of environmental awareness on the red carpet.
Jane Fonda stepped onto the red carpet at the 2020 Oscars in a dress she already wore at the Cannes Festival in 2014. At the Oscars, she publicly declared that the famous red coat she had with her at the time (and worn at environmental protests) was the last piece of clothing she had ever bought.
Sustainable fashion at A Little Glamour
The group of conscious consumers is constantly growing. Sustainable fashion is becoming an integral part of many brands’ strategy. An example is A Little Glamour, which from the very beginning focuses on social responsibility, nature protection and manual production of footwear and clothing using environmentally friendly materials.
A Little Glamour sets a new path in fashion - you can order linen or silk dresses, natural leather shoes, children's shoes, handbags, all in harmony with nature and social responsibility. Each product is made by hand for individual orders. The materials from which we manufacture clothes and shoes are routinely checked for the presence of harmful substances.
Choose consciously, in accordance with your own conscience and sustainable fashion assumptions. Feel beautiful both outside and inside...

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