At A Little Glamour, we remember not only about fashionable mothers and little princesses. In order to meet the expectations of all visitors to our online store, we have also created an exclusive collection of shoes intended for fathers and sons. We focus on proven styles that are timeless and comfortable, and at the same time unique and unusual. If you are a person who consciously builds a wardrobe and is looking for high-quality accessories for yourself or your family members - see our offers!

Occasion and everyday designer shoes

Shoes for dad and son in the form of classic men's leather shoes are an element of styling that will be perfect for formal celebrations - weddings, baptisms, communions or birthdays, as well as photo sessions. Our set can also be proudly worn every day. Regardless of whether it is a Sunday walk to the park, a quick shopping trip, or a long-awaited visit to the cinema with the whole family - thanks to a set of identical shoes you can show how a well-coordinated duet is created by your most important men in life!

Like father, like son!

Your little explorer is closely watching and constantly acting like your husband? Does he often say he would like to look like Daddy? Show your toddler a sense of style and aesthetics from an early age. By choosing the matching handmade set presented by us shoes straight from the designers, you will emphasize the strong bond between father and son. There are many reasons why the purchase of our shoes is a good decision. One of them is the highest quality of natural materials used in their production and great care for finishing. Additionally, all products are routinely checked for the presence of harmful substances.

A Little Glamour for small and slightly bigger men - choose comfortable shoes with a unique design

We are the only company in Poland that makes this type of shoe sets for fathers and sons. At the customer's request, we create them in the selected colours and perfectly matched sizes - which is especially important when choosing the right footwear for the youngest. We can guarantee that properly cared-for shoes, created with care and passion for fashion, will serve you for a very long time.


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