The temperature outside has dropped several degrees and the first red and yellow leaves start crackling underfoot. It is a sign that autumn is approaching, the most climatic season of the year. Now is the best time to put the shorts, beach dresses, and sandals you've been wearing all summer deep into your closet. It's time to take out the so far hidden cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots. Your wardrobe needs refreshing? Check what offers we have for you for autumn 2019!

Women's leather shoes for changing season

Are you looking forward to cold and rainy evenings that you will spend wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot tea or mulled wine? You may also need elegant boots to complete your autumn outfits! The number one pattern this season is leopard print. In order to follow global trends, we have prepared a proposal of warm and comfortable lace-up boots. These are hand-made unique shoes made of the highest quality natural leather imported from Italy. This luxurious material is characterized by delicate, fine bristles that make the shoes more durable than any other type. The interior is finished with insulation, 80% of which is natural wool.

Autumn shoes? Chelsea boots from Polish designers

Do you put comfort and warmth in the first place? On colder days, moccasins may not be enough for you. Bet on stylish Chelsea boots! This minimalist design is associated with effortless elegance, chic, and class. They go perfectly with long skirts, jeans, and even summer dresses, which you can pair with a leather jacket and black tights. Out Chelsea boots are available in two colours - dark, cool brown, and a caramel hue. In our Polish atelier, they are made of natural perforated suede, and the interior is finished with a leather lining.

Shoes for October - choose glamour!

Is minimalism boring for you? Are you a colourful bird that always shines and attracts attention? Check out the elegant graphite boots with a shiny application. We used soft Italian leather and extremely durable glitter to produce them. We insulated the inside of the shoes with sheep's wool. For lovers of animal motifs, we also recommend exclusive shoes with a tiger stripes pattern. Find your own way to go through autumn 2019 in style!

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