Comfortable and elegant shoes are every woman's dream. However, many of them are aware that combining these two features in one pair is almost impossible. High heels look extremely stylish, but are not suitable for long distances. Classic sports footwear is a guarantee of comfort during long hiking trips, but not the best idea to complement a glamour-style outfit. So what about the ladies who spend many hours on their feet, but do not want to give up their chic style? Choose shoes from A Little Glamour!

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Shoes from the designer with a passion

Fulfilling the dreams of many women about comfy and elegant shoes, was not the only idea that guided Eliza Flis when starting her business. The opening of the atelier with extremely stylish footwear was, above all, the culmination of her long-lasting love of clothing design. The history of the A Little Glamour brand begins in the teenage years of the designer, when as a little girl she gave free rein to her creativity, drawing original creations in notebooks, loose pages and even freshly painted walls.

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Fairytale shoes in a glamour style

Clothes created by a few years old Eliza were not typical designs. They resembled costumes from fairy tales - the princess dresses sparkled with a thousand colours, and the shoes were decorated with cute pompoms. These projects, although made by a little girl, were characterized by an incredibly original style. Even then, they attracted attention with extremely sophisticated accessories and innovative forms. No wonder then that a dozen or so years later, when Eliza, an adult, opened her shoe atelier, the women's shoes from it are exclusive, luxurious and in a glamorous style.

Shoes "a bit of glamour" - a little luxury for every woman

Before Eliza Flis decided to open her own footwear factory, she learned the difficult art of creating shoes under the tutelage of Tadeusz Ziajka, recognized in the industry. Then for 12 years she worked as a constructor in footwear companies - first for women and then for children. During this time, she showed incredible talent, great passion and incredible ability to combine colours and various types of materials. Designing classic, comfortable shoes, however, was not what Eliza dreamed of as a child. She still had her fairy-tale footwear in her mind - she didn't want to focus solely on the comfort of walking. So she decided to combine everyday functionality with an unusual style. This is how the A Little Glamour was created - shoes for women who want to feel luxurious at every moment of their lives.

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