The last pieces from the selected collections of shoes and clothes - hurry up while they are still available! This is a great opportunity to buy original designer clothes and elegant and comfortable shoes for everyday use or for special occasions. The last chance items can go to your wardrobe.

Why is it worth it?

All our shoes and clothes are made of natural and delicate materials that are safe for the skin. You will also find vegan shoes made of materials imitating natural leather. We focus on sustainable fashion and the eco-fashion idea - we do not let our handmade shoes and clothes go to waste. You will surely find a place for them in your wardrobe - they are waiting for you!

This is an opportunity that allows you to buy new, elegant and unique shoes and clothes for each season. Browse through our sale selection and amazing prices, and if you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Shoes and clothes on sale

You don't have to worry that the sale products are last season's collections, out-of-date clothes and shoes or damaged models - quite the opposite! All available products are original and timeless.

A conscious and thoughtful choice, slow fashion, respect for handmade products - if these are the values ​​you live by, our sale is the perfect place for you. At A Little Glamour, we know how our business affects the world. We act in harmony with nature, use recycled materials, give shoes and clothes a second life - now you can do the same.

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